Quarantine Life

Hi everyone!  How are you all holding up during this time of quarantine?  To be honest, I feel like life has gotten a lot busier since being stuck at home.  I had planned to write more this year, but I just have not found the time to really sit down and do it.  So here I am, giving you an update on our life and what it is like to be quarantined with a child with complex needs and a baby.


While I have felt some disappointment, stress, and frustration throughout this time of staying home, it has honestly been the best thing for my family.  We have gotten to spend so much more time just being together without the hustle and bustle of running from one place to the next.  Dale has gotten to spend so much more time with the boys since having to work from home, and it has been so helpful having him tag team all of their needs.  I have gotten so much more snuggle time and play time with Brooks which has been a nice change to the amount of time he was spending in the car running from preschool to therapies and back.  Since being at home, Rhett has matured so much.  He is now writing his name and communicating his wants and needs with sign language more frequently.  He is also interacting more with others, although he loves doing his own thing.  School is a great thing for Rhett, but having some true one on one time where we can focus on certain goals has been wonderful for him.

Even though I am loving being home with my family, it has not been easy.  I have been bombarded with becoming all of Rhett’s people which can be draining, especially when I have to give my attention to Brooks as well.  I am doing my best to give each of them direct attention throughout the day, but that typically leaves me with little to no time for myself.  To say I am exhausted mentally and physically by bedtime would be an understatement.  We are fortunate to be able to do preschool and all of Rhett’s therapies online with video chat, but it sure is tough.  Rhett is doing so well that it would be a huge disservice to not continue with his current development plan and goals.  Since everything has moved to online instead of face to face, I have taken the role as his main support, teacher, and therapist.  I have always been super hands on during all his therapies and carrying them out throughout the week, but it has been a definite learning experience for me to go from being the support during therapies to being the person to carry out the therapy with verbal support from his therapist.  I am not going to lie, I am looking forward to when we can do some face to face therapy so I can take a step back, but for now I will continue on.

Rhett tends to get so much attention with my writing, but please do not let that fool you.  Brooks is a definite momma’s boy, and Rhett’s biggest fan.  He stays right in the middle of the action, and boy does he have a little jealous streak.  I think he is loving having everyone home, and goodness has he grown way too fast.  He can clap, wave, say “hey dog” to all the dogs, is so close to being a true walker, and somehow finds his way into mommy’s and daddy’s bed every single night.  Watching him learn and grow has been the most fun!

As things begin to open up, we will continue to stay at home for the most part.  I see a lot of outside time and lake time in our future for the summer.  We will be anxiously waiting for the call to reschedule Rhett’s Cochlear Implant surgery, and I will keep you posted when we have a date.  I pray you all are staying healthy and sane during this time, and just remember that this too shall pass.


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Hi, I am Anna Martin, and I am a Wellness Coach to mommas of children with disabilities. I help these women find the freedom to live their life in a way that their circumstances do not determine their happiness. I am also navigating my own journey in parenting a medically complex child, and I have the blessing of raising 2 of the sweetest boys in the world. I am here to empower women to be in charge of their life, despite their circumstances.

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