Quick Update

We are almost one full week post op with the CI surgery, and Rhett is healing wonderfully. He is pretty much back to his normal self, and we are only giving pain medicine as needed. His incision is looking great, and he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all besides the itching from healing.

The surgeon said that everything went perfect during surgery. This ear’s anatomy is more typical than his left ear, which means his response to the implant should also be more typical. Rhett did spend one night in the hospital to be monitored, and he slept a big part of that time. We were able to keep his pain managed by alternating Tylenol and Motrin, and he was discharged the next day. Rhett took a few days to get back to his happy playful self, but I can’t say I blamed him. He did take naps the two days following surgery, which is not his norm. He left his head band bandage alone for the most part, until day 3 of wearing it. Having it on seemed to itch and bother him due to how hot it was. Thankfully he does not need to wear that any longer.

We will be going back to Cincinnati next week for the activation. I am so excited to see how he responds with this new hearing device. I hope and pray that it will give him better access to sound, especially speech sounds. We will continue to use sign language, but I am still hopeful for him to speak one day. During our trip next week Rhett will also have a sleep study done. This is another step in the process to get the trach removed. Please pray that the study goes well, and we get good results. I do not have any reason to believe we should find out anything negative, but I do not put anything past Rhett. He has a way of functioning completely fine even if there are underlying problems. Also pray that he will handle all of the things they have to put on his head and body, and that he will go to sleep. We will be leaving Brooks with Nana and Papa once again, so pray that Brooks does well while we are away. We will update again as soon as we get back and have the results!!

Pre-surgery selfie
Rhett did a lot of sleeping following surgery.
Day after surgery. He wasn’t smiling a ton, but we were able to see some smiles with the Minion movie.

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