Be Rhett

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. We’ve all heard it. This is an important motto to live by, but I also challenge you to be Rhett.

To be Rhett means to share your passions brightly. For Rhett, that’s his animals. He has no trouble showing you that he’s passionate about cows, lions, horses, or cats. To be Rhett means that you show off what you’re passionate about because you love it. Don’t ever be afraid to show your love.

To be Rhett means to love in a language that the other people understand. This can be without a verbal “I love you.” We have all heard that actions speak louder than words. Rhett is proof of that. He doesn’t need verbal words to express his love. He grabs your hand and leads you to a toy or game. His smile is love. His laugh is love. The curve of his cheeks and the sound that escapes his belly when he’s happy says I love you just as well as spoken words, if not more.

To be Rhett is to let your laugh be heard! Rhett can’t talk. He can’t speak words like you and I. But he can laugh and giggle. His laugh is infectious. His laugh (besides his kisses) are my favorite thing about him. I love being silly with Rhett, and doing something to make him smile and to make that deep giggle appear. It doesn’t take much, but running after him saying “RAWR” usually does the trick!

To be Rhett means to be resilient. Rhett’s faced many challenges during his life. Challenges with breathing, eating, walking, and hearing. But he doesn’t give up. He’s got a fighting spirit and a spark within him. We all have moments in life where we just feel like giving up. Some days are better than others, but we can be Rhett by digging deep down and finding that same fighting spirit to keep us going.

May you feel challenged today and the days ahead to be Rhett. Share your passions. Do a kind gesture for someone you love. Be silly and bring a smile to someone’s face. And when the days are tough, find that spark and let it fuel your fighting spirit just as Rhett does.

Written by Johnsie DeHaven


Published by mommyinchargeblog

Hi, I am Anna Martin, and I am a Wellness Coach to mommas of children with disabilities. I help these women find the freedom to live their life in a way that their circumstances do not determine their happiness. I am also navigating my own journey in parenting a medically complex child, and I have the blessing of raising 2 of the sweetest boys in the world. I am here to empower women to be in charge of their life, despite their circumstances.

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