The Beauty in the Unknown

We just had a whirlwind of a week, and I’m finally getting around to finishing this post that I started last weekend. We spent all day last Sunday celebrating our tractor loving boy, Brooks, at his 2nd birthday party. I still can not believe that our baby is 2 years old. He is turning into such a big boy, and I have loved watching him learn and grow. He is at such a fun age right now, although his toddler 2s come out from time to time. He is the funniest, most kind hearted little boy, and I love watching his personality blossom.

I have been wanting to write this all week, but am just now finding the time to actually get the words out. With Brooks’ birthday, I spent some time really reflecting on where we were 2 years ago, as we were making a transition into a family of 4. I remember being so nervous of what life would be like adding another child into our already crazy busy life. I hear moms to second children being worried about how they will split their attention. Many times they are worried they will no longer be able to give their first child the attention that they have gotten their whole life. I felt that same worry, except it was kind of reversed. I was so worried about how I would give Brooks the attention he needed when Rhett was still requiring so much attention. I am here to say now, 2 years in to having 2 children, it really does all work out. You really do find your groove and just figure out how to split that attention to who really needs it at different times.

I still sometimes get nervous for the future. I don’t know how Brooks will feel one day about being born into this medically complex journey. Will he feel annoyed? Embarrassed? Resentment? I really hope not, but I honestly just don’t know. What I do know is that he has a great life of love, and is learning so much about being kind, compassionate, and acceptance at such a young age. My hope is that we can nurture these qualities he already naturally has so that he can continue to grow into an amazing person.

I always talk about what Rhett has taught me, but I have learned so much from Brooks too. Brooks teaches me to find humor in situations. He teaches me that all children are resilient, and they are born with a natural acceptance of others. He has shown me, in true little brother spirit, that he wants to be like his big brother. He often asks for meds like his bubba, and even asks to get a shot after his bubba gets his injection. He shows me his heart of gold as he already knows to comfort and show compassion to Rhett whenever he is sad or hurt. Brooks already knows when Rhett may need some help, and also knows when he just needs to be a cheerleader as Rhett works to do things on his own. At 2 years old, he already has this awareness that many adults do not even have. He also treats Rhett no different than anyone else. He can be a true little brother and get on Rhett’s nerves, knocking his toys over, and just really be annoying. While that is challenging, I really love it because it just shows me how they truly have a “normal” sibling relationship.

“The unknown is part of the journey, and you can find so much beauty along the way.”

I want to leave you with these words. If you are feeling called to do something in your life, sometimes you just need to take action steps towards that, even if you are scared. This can be with anything, not just adding a child to your family. It could be a job, a hobby, going back to school, or just going after your own ambitions. The unknown is part of the journey, and you can find so much beauty along the way.

Happiest of birthdays to our Brooksie boy. We are so incredibly thankful you are ours. It is such an honor and a blessing to be your mama.

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